Why should I become a Virtual Exhibitor?

The SFA/SFMI 2021 Vendor Showcase will feature a virtual exhibit hall. Customize your booth to include videos, downloadable materials, and to highlight your latest news. Plus, you'll have the ability to connect and schedule one-on-one meetings directly with attendees visiting your booth.

You’ll have the opportunity to showcase your products at our cost-effective online trade show and accelerate lead generation by gaining access to more than 250 facilities management personnel. Strengthen relationships with existing customers, or forge new strategic partnerships!

How much is a Virtual Exhibit Hall booth, and what does it include?

$550 per space

Your virtual exhibit hall booth will include:

  • A visually captivating experience from vFairs that recreates the feel of a physical event with no need for downloads or Flash; and complete mobile-compatibility on all modern browsers
  • A fully customizable, branded virtual booth -- choose from 12 different templates
  • Step-by-step instruction on how to customize your booth. See how it works!
  • Download library with capability to add unlimited informational flyers, documents, presentations
  • Capability to upload unlimited video messages or product demonstrations
  • Unlimited content links
  • Live, private one-on-one chat and audio/video calls with virtual booth visitors
  • Lead retrieval capability
  • Access to the virtual platform for two company representatives (additional reps $45 each)
  • Opportunity to raffle off a door prize to the attendee of your choice
  • List of all attendees and contact info • Customizable interactive virtual booth with logo placement

Is it possible to rotate which booths are seen first when people arrive in the Exhibition Hall?

The booths are set up in a fixed order, alphabetically based on supporter level, and remain that way throughout.

Can the avatars at the booths be changed to represent actual people from the company?

This can't be done at present however the functionality may be available in the future.

What will we, as exhibitors, see on our screens during the show (i.e., is there some type of admin landing page)?

The exhibitors' user flow is the same as attendees; however, they will be able to see the names of all people currently visiting their booth (chats can then commence with these people).

Is it possible to get visitor reports at the end of each day so we can tinker with our marketing approach accordingly?

Detailed reports outlining the behaviour of booth visitors is emailed to exhibitors at the completion of the event, however, upon request NANETS will be able to send exhibitors progress reports on visitor behaviour at the end of each day.

Is it possible for exhibitors to update the links on their booth periodically throughout the duration of the event?

Yes, the exhibitors can do this mid event (using the same link) or request us to do that. However, for the attendees to see the updated version, the attendees will have to restart the browser or clear their cache.

Can exhibitors use the chat function to show people videos?

No, the chat functionality does not allow this. We suggest placing videos in either or both of the links or videos section and directing visitors to view the videos in those locations.

Can multiple images be placed in one panel in the booths?

No, only one image can be placed in each panel with  oneURL link assigned.

What if I need assistance or a ‘walk-through’ of the site?

Technical and Customer Service help is available by emailing tech@vfairs.com.

Do you have additional questions not covered here?

Please email sfmi@nyssfa.com.