School Facilities Management Virtual Conference
Recorded Webinars

Tuesday, October 6

Conference Kickoff: The COVID Disruption and the New Normal in Facilities Management

Keynote Speaker: Merlyna Valentine 


Wednesday, October 7

State Update: Post-COVID Guidelines from SED and DOH


NYS ESD CLUSTER ACTION INITIATIVE GUIDANCENYS DOH COVID P-12 Toolkit (flow chart for symptomatic or positive cases)

NYSED FACILITIES PLANNING COVID FAQs: Please see the FAQ documents in the link(s) below. Additional FAQs will be posted as responses become available. 

09-04-2020 Lease Structures - Update

08-26-2020 Reopening Plans Clarifications Memo

08-21-2020 Guidance on UV light; ion generators; portable fans; window air conditioners; portable air cleaners

08-17-2020 Placement of Tent or Storage Container or Modular -FAQs

08-05-2020 COVID FAQs (link to referenced Submission Form During COVID 19 ReOpening)

Managing Your Team Remotely: Setting Yourself Up for Success in this New “Normal”

Developing Your SED-Compliant Facilities Emergency Plan

Best Practice Roundtable: Post-Covid Reopening Procedures

Human Resources Legal Issues in the COVID-19 Era

Wine & Win: Expo Grand Prize Drawing, Accreditation, Honorary Membership and Years of Service Recognition, President's and Key Supporter Awards